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The natural water from Luson

and its industrious protector: the water gnome of Luson

Our mountain spring water springs from the Luson widely known for its extraordinary composition of minerals and energy, it is particularly healthy and is freely available to all our guests. You will find it particularly fresh at the fountains in the house. For this particularly healthy water, we only charge ‚ā¨ 2,- per day of your stay.


The Water Gnome of Luson

‚ÄěHi there! Drink water and stay save!‚ÄĚ

The water gnome takes special care of our fresh water mountain spring. There is plenty of natural water in the Bergschl√∂ssl and it is available to you at any time. We only charge ‚ā¨ 2,- for it as a little treat. Drinking water is healthy ūüėä