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Music and all kinds of sound

Symphonic well-being at the Bergschlössl

A day at the Bergschlössl ends almost daily with music. From the romantic harp sounds of daughter Cäcilia during dinner, to pop and jazz in the hotel lounge, to the rustic Tyrolean schnapps round at the campfire with host Erich and friends. The Hinteregger family plays diligently, and everyone is a master of at least one instrument. Let us spoil you in a South Tyrolean musical atmosphere.


Original, live & real

Musical entertainment in the purest variety

Live music in the hotel is what sets the Bergschlössl apart - The creative spirits at the Bergschlössl invite you to a colourful Alpine symphony. You can expect rustic folk music with friends and host Erich with the baritone and double bass, romantic sounds from daughter Valeria on the harp and rocking pop plus modern folk from daughter Juliane on the guitar and vocals and son Kilian on the drums. Furthermore, we spoil you with the finest piano bar, classical jazz, harmonious Styrian, guest appearances and much more.


Making music with children

Musically on the road right from the start

There is musical entertainment not only for adults in the Bergschlössl, but also for the little ones who are invited to make music, sing and have fun together. Workshops are also offered for the many instruments that can be found in the Bergschlössl and everyone can try them out.

Kids - Music

Music & Sounds from the Bergschlössl

Our house music for home