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Bio salt sauna

75-85°C - Feel relaxed through moderate temperatures… Temperatures of 85° Celsius maximum provide for a particularly high wellness benefit in the salt sauna: circulatory stresses are less important than with higher temperatures, you will enjoy complete relaxation and quietly inhale the salty air generated by special salt panels.

Salz Bio Sauna

Steam bath "King's Jester"

The steam bath, a pleasant sweat bath featuring sauna-like effects, was already known in ancient Greece. Temperatures in a steam bath range between 40°C and 55°C whereas humidity of the air amounts to approx. 80-100%. The typical steam bath climate is ensured by generating supersaturated water vapour by means of a steam boiler. The perfect combination of heat and humidity helps to alleviate tensions, to purify and to nourish the body, and to relax. The steam bath is especially recommended for those suffering from respiratory problems.

Infrared sauna

Nowadays heat treatments, and in particular deep warming treatments can be used for a stunningly wide range of applications. They will bring about an improvement of the bloodflow and the blood supply to tissues, “rinsing” of the intercellular spaces, stimulation of the metabolism and strengthening of the immune system. In addition, heat is able to alleviate muscle tensions and ease pain. For many diseases, regular deep warming treatments, as provided for by the low temperature technology, are a valuable part of individual therapeutic approaches and their application is particularly useful in preventive health care.

NEW: Mountain pine sauna

Classic dry hot air bath based on a Finnish tradition. Different sitting and lying positions will allow you to enjoy a sauna in various temperature ranges between 85°C and 100°C. Effects: functional training of the cardiovascular system, strengthening of the immune system, sudorific vascular training for the skin, purification of the skin and support of cell regeneration, stimulation of the metabolism, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, sleep-promoting, and above all: relaxing.

Mountain pine sauna

Bio thermarium on the roof terrace

55°C - Comfortably relax on hot natural stones and let yourself be warmed up from the fresh air of the roof terrace: wellness on the highest level.

Bio thermarium