Our treatment rooms

Silent and wondrous.

Room “Water“

Water supports you, water is purifying, it refreshes and renews – In our “Water” room, you will enjoy romantic bathing experiences and hours of fulfilment.

Room “Earth“

Earth gives life and provides for regeneration, it is a symbol of fertility and represents the golden mean – Our “Earth” room combines harmony and beauty. We will spoil you with health baths and cosmetic treatments.

Room „Holz“

Wood is continuously growing, it is stable and flexible alike, wood is deeply rooted and provides for relaxation – Our “Wood” room implies switching off and relaxing while enjoying various massages.

Room “Metal“

Metal is strong, ductile and versatile, metal is also a synonym of a strong, harmonious order of mind and body – In our “Metal” room, you will enjoy relaxation and a little space of time on your own while floating on the waterbed.

Room “Air“

Air is a symbol of purity, life and reason, air is the lightest and most mobile element – Our “Air” room opens many opportunities for treatments based on the teaching and application of Phyto5©.

Room “Fire“

Fire and its energy are synonymous of passion and joy, fire glows, it is hot and dry – In our “Fire” room, you will get a gentle tanning from head to toe.

Frisches Heu