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The wellness worlds with pools & saunas

The world of well-being at the Wellness Hotel Bergschlössl

Relaxation and regeneration for body and soul far away from the daily hustle and bustle: the wellness world at the Wellnesshotel Bergschlössl makes it possible. After a refreshment in the indoor pool with the stylised castle landscape on the walls, enrich your wellness holiday in South Tyrol with a visit to the steam sauna or the Finnish sauna and with a soothing full-body massage. Simply enjoy the silence and tranquillity of the great outdoors and relax in the royal Schlössl garden.

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The Schlössl Water World

Cool, refreshing & purifying

Indoor adventure pool

29-32¬įC - Our indoor adventure pool with waterfall and bubble is a dream for young and old with its 65m¬≤ and is also accessible in the evening for romantic hours.

Natural stone panoramic pool

23-28¬įC - Our heated panorama pool in the wellness garden Adagio 105m¬≤ is made of the finest South Tyrolean natural stone and trumps with its breathtaking mountain panorama during the day and the starry sky of L√ľsn in the evening.

Outdoor Pool

Jacuzzi on the nudist roof terrace

32-38¬įC - The view over the Sarntal Alps and the mountain massif of the Peitler Kofel in our panoramic whirlpool will quickly make you forget your worries.

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Hot sauna

in every variation

Bio Sauna Rock Grotto

60¬įC - Our rock grotto with bio-stove is a special kind of humid warm air bath. With approx. 60¬įC, a humidity of approx. 50% and heavenly scents of local essential oils, you can calmly sauna for longer (approx. 15 to 30 minutes) and spare your circulation.

Salt Bio Sauna

75-85¬įC - Wellness through low temperatures... Thanks to a maximum temperature of 85 degrees Celsius, the wellness factor of a salt sauna is particularly high: the circulation is not stressed as much as with higher temperatures. You can relax and inhale the salty air produced by special salt plates in peace and quiet.

Mountain Pine Natural Sauna

85-100¬įC - A classic, dry hot air bath according to the Finnish model. The different seat and lounger variations allow sauna bathing in different temperature zones between 85¬įC and 100¬įC with many positive effects: Functional training of the cardiovascular system, strengthening of the immune system, sweat-promoting vascular training of the skin, skin cleansing and promotion of cell renewal, stimulation of the metabolism, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, sleep-promoting and above all: relaxing.

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Bio-thermarium on the roof terrace

55¬įC - Relax comfortably on warm natural stones and warm up from the fresh cold air of the roof terrace: Wellness at a high level.

The Jester Steam Bath

40-50¬įC - The steam bath was already known in ancient Greece. It is a pleasant sweat bath with a sauna-like effect. In the steam bath, the temperature is between 40¬įC and 55¬įC with a humidity of approx. 80-100%. The typical climate in the steam bath is achieved by generating supersaturated water vapour with a steam boiler. The ideal combination of heat and humidity relaxes, cleanses, cares for and relaxes. The steam bath is particularly helpful for respiratory diseases.

Natural Stream Sauna

90¬įC - Our rustic brook sauna with an extraordinary panoramic view of the torrent invites you to alpine well-being and regeneration.

Infrared Sauna

From today's point of view, heat applications and especially through-heating applications offer an astonishingly wide range of uses. They can lead to an improvement in blood circulation and tissue supply, the "flushing out" of the intercellular spaces, the stimulation of the metabolism and the strengthening of the immune system. In addition, heat can relax the muscles and relieve pain. Regular warming applications, such as those made possible by the low-temperature technology, can therefore be a valuable component of individual therapy concepts for many diseases and are particularly useful in preventive health care.

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